linux dvr Importing Military Grade CCTV from South Korea 16 years
linux dvr Sony
4K HD-TVI License Plate and Facial Recognition Guaranteed

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Upgrade your Legacy SD System to Full 1080p in Realtime
New TVI technology works using existing cable 1,000 Foot Transmission
FBI Recommendations for using CCTV Systems

HDTV Surveillance Cameras, Off-site recording, HD-SDI, HD-TVI, view live over the internet via PC, or Laptop. Replace your alarm system - Email and Telephone notification on motion detection. Remote control live PTZ Camera over internet. Built-in motion detection recording.
Infra-red cameras for night vision.

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March 24, 2018

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Facial and License Plate Recognition Chart

2/3" Precision Focus Assist HD Lens 5 Mile Shot
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2/3" Precision Focus Assist HD Lens 7 Mile Shot
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