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2.2M 1080p Bullet Camera

Indoor Color Bullet Camera The term Bullet Camera comes from its resemblance to a rifle bullet. Generally long and tapered like a cylinder, it looks like an oversized ammo cartridge.

Most bullet cameras come with a fixed 4mm lens that allows a 70 degree angle of view. This is the widest angle you can have without distorting the picture. A 4mm lens will allow you to see facial features out to about 35 feet. If infrared is included you can generally see 35 feet minimum with no external lighting, some can see up to 70 feet.

Some devices capture images in color which is best for daytime lighting. For nighttime viewing choosing an infrared camera, which captures images in black and white is better. Many of the products will display color during the day and automatically switch to black and white infrared viewing when light levels are low.